September 15th, 2010

Riding DJ

Horse Racing

Although you can't see it in the icon, I have just taken DJ over a small jump ... and am heading for another one.

However since I started riding, I have always avoided even the mention of racing. 

I like the fact it exists - as it is part of our English heritage ... but seeing horses break legs completely finishes me.  I was with Toni when Suiffy was fatally injured ... and lost Jaykub to a broken leg.  Although both died in very simple accidents, the races does have a high mortality rate.

Anyway - last week I went to the last meeting of the Newton Abbot Races for 2010.  I went on a coach trip, to "celebrate" a 50th Wedding Anniversary - sadly, he had died a couple of months ago.  So, I decided to go, to support my friend, Kathy, as that is what friendship should be about (IMHO)

It rained - and when I say it rained ... I mean it!  Some of my pictures are impossible as I hve a wet lens - however here are 17 pictures, posted in the order they were taken - so see the puddles get bigger, although the last race was actually run in the dry!

I enjoyed the day - glad I went ... and

"No horses were injured in the taking of these photos"

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