September 1st, 2010


Plot Bunnies Scared Off The Virtual Sheep

Is that good news, or bad news?

I am tired, but having spent the last few weeks thinking about pixels and brushes, I had an idea for a fic for the schmoop_bingo 

I know I am half way through one ... I will try to get that finished over the next couple of days.   My Beta is on holiday, so just think what a marvellous "Welcome Home" pressie that will be!

I want to get on with the sequel I promised - However all I can now think about is the ficlet whirring in my brain.

However, I need some help ... pretty please.

In CANON, do we know -

a)  How old William was when he was turned

b)  The time of year ... date?

c)  The year he was turned.

I read a lot of Spuffy and see a lot of suggestions, so just want to check that there isn't a specific answer before I make a date link .... hint to fic there  ... !!!!

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Adventure before dementia

Bank Holiday Monday - Dartmoor 2

After lunch, and a walk, we got back in the car and continued along the road.

We first stopped at the 12th century clapper bridge, at Postbridge ... and then drove onto Widecombe-in-the-moor.

If you don't know what Widecombe is famous for, then read this very sad song, here, which is still sung up and down the country. The village has an annual fair, and there is always a local dignatory, on a grey mare, to open the proceedings. Although the sad poem is always linked to Widecombe, it can be seen that Tom Cobley, lived in Spreyton

After that, it was home, via Haytor, for fish and chips!

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Spike - LiveJournal

LiveJournal ~ FaceBook/Twitter

I'm sure you've seen this all over your various f-lists by now, but I'm going on the record:

I do have FaceBook account, but I don't really want RL friends stumbling here .
I don't Twitter. 

Please don't mark your comments to my posts for either. Much love and thanks!


And therefore - any of my f-list can be reassured that I won't be linking my stuff back to Facebook.