August 31st, 2010

Spike - Job well done

Fic Rec

Yesterday, one of my friends auntiero asked for prompts to inspire her to write something - I suggested "Unrequited Love".  She asked Spuffy, or not, and I left it up to her.

If you haven't already seen it, and want to see what had me giggling this morning read this 250 word fic -A Conversation

Truly brilliant  - Thank you.

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Ugbrooke House, Chudleigh

I realised that before I posted pictures of yesterday ( a Bank Holiday here) I ought to post the pictures of Ugbrooke House that I visited last week with my friend from Church.

Sadly, as it's privately owned (and the 14th Lord) told us some of the points of interest in the Hall ... no indoor pictures.  However you get to see the outside, as re-disigned by Robert Adam, and the gardens as laid out by Capability Brown ... in the 1700s.

A couple of the things we saw, was the Christening gift given to a previous Lord by King Charles II ... as well as a perpetual pardon, also from him, to the family, to be able to maintain their Catholic faith, as in those days, Catholasism was against the law.

This is one of the family empblems - a Wyvern.


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