August 27th, 2010

Adventure before dementia

Photo Meme Results 1

Yesterday I posted a Photo Meme and asked people to suggest some photos ... here are 3 of the answers.

kudagirl asked me for - "A photo of your special place.   One that makes you feel safe"  I am pretty relaxed everywhere - but in Mum and Dad's I love sitting on this seat, in my bedroom.  The seat was the one that Dad bought Mum when she was pregnant with me, as a nursing chair.  As you can see, it's been re-covered, and now sits in my room, with a cushion my friend that I was Maid of Honour for made for me.  And ... yes, theres Portius, wearing a James neckalce that I had from auntiero 

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And, kazzy_cee  asked for my favourite handbag.  The one that is special is the one that Toni made (yes made) for me for my 39th Birthday ... we designed it between us ... horse + roses.

The other bag is my everyday one!

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jaded_jamie  wanted to see the outside of my house.   Just don't look at how much it needs decorating ... especially the back of it!

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More pictures to come ... and if you want to ask for a picture, please do!

BTW - Hope you like the new icon - jaded_jamie  made for me!
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General Icons

I told you that when I was at Nick and Brenda's the boys had my camera - well Andrew, at almost 15, took some amazing photos, and with his permission I have turned some of them into icons.

Here are 4 examples, with the full set of 56 behind the cut ... with a couple of extra text ones, as well. 

Photo - ANW    Photo - ANW    Photo - ANW    Photo - ANW

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All are snaggable, and will also be on my d4s_icons LJ

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