August 5th, 2010

James - thinky thoughts

Life Is Not Random

Todays Bible reading reminded me of that.

Esther was made Queen, yet life was still far from easy.  However, her Uncle Mordecai reminded her ...

"Who can say but that God has brought you into this place for just such a time as this?"

Esther 4 v 14 (Living Bible)

James - my name

What A Morning ... And, It's Not Yet 11am!

Wow, thank goodness I had a positive thought in my Bible reading!

I woke, remembering a Dream ...

It was my 50th Birthday Party (yes ... next year!) ... and I was having a "very small" get together, with music.  But, the musician asked for a packet of Chicken crisps .... and do you think I could find any, anywhere ...

So, I woke in a panic (but it's OK, I have some in the cupboatd!)

Then I decided I ought to start the Keep Fit DVD I bought a couple of months ago ... not riding I need exercise.

So, I started it ... and was exhausted after only the Warm Up!

So, it looks as if I haven't staryed as fit as I thought I was ... or maybe I have been kidding myself!  Still I shall try to persevere doing the routine (as far as I can) a couple of times a week ... or, at least that's the plan!

Off to drink a very long glass of water ... and maybe eat some crisps ...

James - actoring theories

Film Meme - Day 1

This meme I snagged from petzipellepingo ...

I have a couple of meme lists to do, but the other is TV based, and as I have recently dodn one, I thought I'd do this film based one.

Day 01 - Sequel that should not have been made

The Pink Panther was one of those films that could, and should have been a stand-alone one ... from its theme to the great casting, with Peter Sellers as the bumbling inspector, and the finale set ina costume party.

There were 7 sequels made, but the worst, by far, was The Trail of the Pink Panther, that included Peter Sellers, but was actually filmed after his death.

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As with previous lists, they may not be up on a daily basis, but will be up in order.