June 17th, 2010

Adventure before dementia

Watch Out For This Scam!

Police say that the gang usually is comprised of four members, one adult and three younger ones.

While the three younger ones, all appearing sweet and innocent, divert their victim with a show of friendliness, the fourth the eldest sneaks in from behind the person's back to expertly rifle through his or her pockets and purses or bags for any valuables being carried.

The picture attached shows the gang in operation -

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James - Rock On!

Music Meme Day 5

Day 01- A song that makes me happy ... Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Day 02- A song that helps you clear your head ... In My Room by The Beach Boys
Day 03- A song that makes you laugh ... Right Said Fred by Bernard Cribbins
Day 04- A song that reminds you of something ... Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris
Day 05- A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it ... If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating
Day 06- A song you can always relate to ... Where Could I Go But To The Lord? By Elvis Presley
Day 07- A song that is your guilty pleasure ... Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats and Dogs by Brian & Michael
Day 08- A song you liked when you were younger ... Iko Iko by The Dixie Cups

Day 09- A song that makes you want to dance

I don't dance - long reason, but let's just say I don't!

Anyway if I had to have a song that gets my feet tapping ... and listen to the words, everyone can dance - and I'll enjoy watching you. So, todays choice is Eddie Cochran - C'mon Everybody

As to a James song - how can I chose, seeing as I don't dance ... but I suppose it would end up being - White Hot Girls as that has a great beat.

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Tea + Union Flag

Picture Meme - Day 4

And, so I continue with my Picture Meme that I snagged from hell0kittyangel ...

Day 1 -  Your Best Friend ... Toni
Day 2  - Your crush ... James Marsters
Day 3  - Your Parents ... Mum and Dad

Day 4 —Your sibling (or closest relative)

I think you may have seen the complete pictures in February ... but these are just the relevant crop of 2 pictures taken at my nephew's baptism.

They are both younger than me - Nick by 4 1/2 years and Tim by 6.  I am emotionally very close to Tim, but sadly not so with Nick - although we still write every 10 days and I usually see him and the family 3 times a year.

Nick -


Tim -


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James - buzz cut & name.

Mini Rant ~ But Also A Pic Scam

In other words I feel I can winge, as I have pics to share.

It does seem that in my life, how ever much I aim to be positive there are always a couple of underlying factors I can't get round ... or over!  One I think I will leave ... but over the last couple of days have been trying to work through one of the others.

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Anyway ... onto more cheerful thoughts!!

I went for a walk today - it really started by the wish to spend some quality time praying for my family and friends, and decided that to walk to the beach would give me exercise, and also a space for me to go where I could really focus my thoughts.

And - I took my camera!

So, here are a few photos I took - not really traditional beach scenes - but they are of Summerlease Beach, Bude ... and The Atlantic Ocean ...

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Speaking of my prayer time - I do want to say, if ever there is anything you want me to pray for, on a personal level, you only have to PM ... you can be as honest, or as vague as you want ... whether you believe or not, I do ...

God answers prayer.

Not good with words (Buffy)

Urban Dictionary Meme

I know I am doing 2 memes at present, but couldn't resist this when I saw it onlupina78  s LJ -

Go to urbandictionary.com
Type in answers to the following questions
Post the first definition it gives you

1) Your name
2) Your age
3) On of your friends
4) What you should be doing
5) Favourite colour
6) Birthplace

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