June 9th, 2010

James singing - music notes

Song Meme - Day 3

Day 01- A song that makes me happy ... Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Day 02- A song that helps you clear your head ... In My Room by The Beach Boys

Day 03- A song that makes you laugh

I was born in 1961, and in those days comedy songs were quite popular.  For many reading this, the singer of this song will only be known as Donna's father, Wilf, in Dr Who (Dr 10) .... but Bernard Cribbins has had a long carreer.  In 1962 he recorded Right Said Fred, and I grew up knowing it - and smiling along.  For those who don't know it, I have 2 versions .... The first -


This is the original version, plus the original video ... so if you love song videos give yourself a treat!

The second is one that is a video of clips from Blakes 7 ... and if you have ever seen the series, enjoy the combination -

As to a James song that makes me laugh - "Chocolate Jesus" ... I always laugh st the line about not knowing the books of The Bible!

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