May 10th, 2010

Adventure before dementia

TV MEME - Day 6

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

This meme becomes harder, doesn't it?

I've already shocked you by revealing that BtVS is my favourite show ... and now they expect me to decide which is my favourite episode.

Overall there are bits of lots of them I like:-
  • School Hard - a first sight of Spike ... Spike watching Buffy ... which is eventually how the series finishes.
  • Touched - Buffy being thrown out of her house, being hunted for by Spike, who then gives "the" love speach of the century!  Yes, I love that scene, so much so, it's on my profile and part of my LJ banner.
  • Once More With Feeling - Yes, I love musicals, so to see my favourite show as a musical - brilliant. 
  • Bargaining - seeing Spike's face as Buffy descends those steps.
  • Becoming - a brilliant 2 part story involving all, and completing so many story lines.  Death of a slayer ... and the beginning of Spuffy(?)
  • Band Candy - Yes, I love those Giles ~ Joyce scenes.
  • Fool For Love - a truly brilliant episode, I love seeing the back story of a character, and with James acting ... wow!  As with Lies My Parents Told Me ... which was also the first episode I ever saw, and gave me my love of Spike, James and BtVS.
  • Chosen - yes, I still gulp as I see the amulet activate ... but Spike got his "I love you"

So, have you noticed which one is missing?

One that is Spuffy, funny, shows Willow in magic-mode, Xander having problems with demons ... and a blind watcher.

Yes, Someting Blue - for an overall episode is the one (today) I shall pick.


This video shows some of those scenes, with a background music of the soundtrack.