May 9th, 2010

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TV MEME - Day 5

Day 05 - A show you hate

As I saw this yesterday and thought about it today I realised that I can't truly answer it!  As I am single, if I have the TV on and don't want to watch the programme, I change channels!  When I'm at Mum and Dad's I escape to Dad's pc and come surf LJ!  (They are watching Casualty as I type this!  A show I don't watch, but they recorded yesterday)

So, I suppose all I can list are the multitude of shows that I don't even turn the TV on to try -
  • Pet - Vet shows.  Lovely in lots of ways, but I'm too soft and can't cope with animals that are in pain.
  • Wildlife shows.  Beautiful photography, a combination of not being able to cope with seeing kills ... even though I know they exist.  And I am so phobic about insects that I really can't cope with any vision at all of 6 (or 8) legged "friends"
  • Horseracing.  I can't cope with seing a horse fall - I've "been there, done that" with Jaykub, and Squiffy ... don't want to watch it on the TV.
  • Soaps.  (Although the actual comedy Soap was brilliant)  I hate seeing so called real life ... mostly not very nice people trying to get one better than their neighbour.  I think one of the other things I don't like is the story lines where people seem to end up "OK" - in and out of "love" every few minutes ... my life isn't like that.  However I do know that peoples lives have actually been saved by those watching it, as they run health stories, that make people take "odd" symptoms seriously.
  • Sport.  The only sport I watch is the Oxford-Cambridge boat race.  The rest - if you want to enjoy sport ... get involved!
  • (Most) Modern Comedy.  Sorry but I just don't find it funny!
Wow - I don't like much, do I?

However if I have listed your all-time favourite genre ... Great ... that's why I love my friends.  I learn about things, have my horizons stretched in ways that I hadn't thought about in the past.

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Just A Meme!

I said I was using Dad's pc while they were watching TV ... so have decided to do this meme that I saw forst on dragonflylady77 and now at dawnofme LJs

1. What is your middle name? 
Jacqueline ... Yes, the J from DJ's name!

2. What color is your mailbox?
Well the flap on my letter box is white.

3. Are you available?
Yes, in reality .... but Jiffy thinks I'm taken!

4. Have you ever hit a deer?
No - but came close a couple of years ago!

5. Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home?
From here yes - Cornwall is divided from the rest of England by river (except for about 2 feet) ... so will have to cross that to get back to Bude tomorrow.

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