May 5th, 2010

James - silhouette

Yet Another Icon Meme

I've said it before ... I'll say it again.  I do love icons - one other plus of LJ.  It's great to have a picture to go with what I'm scribbling about ... whether as a post, or to reply to my friends.

So, yes, I bought some more space and am slowly filling it up - although I still ahve gaps to go.  It's also great to now keep my Christmas and Easter ones there all the time, without having to lose others to upload them.

Last week I opted to play this meme again - and asked jaded_jamie  to choose 6 icons for me to talk about.  He chose -



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So - if you would like me to chose some of your icons to talk about ... or, if there is another of my icons that you want explained, just make a note in the comments.

Adventure before dementia

A TV MEME - Day 1

It's ages since I have found a new meme, so when I saw this TV MEME on enigmaticblues  I just couldn't resist snagging :-

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Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled

There are lots of shows that I wish hadn't disappeared ... and 2 are really coming to mind.

I really loved Moonlight when I saw it last year for the first time, but that is the most modern of the 2 so for this meme I am going back in time.

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