April 22nd, 2010

Eternal refuge

Writer's Block: First Love

At what age do you think kids should start dating? How old were you when you went on your first date? Was there anything you would change about the experience? How do you think it shaped your expectations?

Hadn't done a Writer's Block in ages ... so ...

I think a lot depends on the kids.  My eldest nephew is 14 1/2 and can still be very giggly ... of the childish way!  However I also see him growing up, mature enough to make a decision to be baptised, and to decide on what carreer he is looking towards.

However I also think that's it's sad that kids start thinking "serious" at such an age ... One of my friends kids of the same age is very serious ... you should read her FaceBook page!

Providing they are open with their parents, then if/when things go wrong they can turn back to them, that is the main thing for kids ... so, no I don't have an answer!

As for me - when/if I have a first date, I'll edit this reply!


Hope you are all well - and that those in Europe are getting back to their own countries and lives again.