April 15th, 2010

Spuffy - Burning Hands (animated)

Spuffy Fic - Love Will Find A Way

I didn't sign up for seasonal_spuffy this year as I was out of writing mode - but a couple of months ago challnged you all to suggest some topics for drabbles.  Well this is one, behind the cut ... I got a bit carried away!

It is set immediately at the end of AtS ... when Buffy receives a phone call from Giles.

The word count is ... wait for it!!! .... 3349 ... so, not quite a drabble!

Thanks as ever, go to my ultra patient Beta mabel_marsters - you are a star.

So - if you want to read a bit of light fic -

Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed it - if any of the artists out there like it enough ... I would love a banner.

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