April 8th, 2010

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Colour MEME ~ 2

Seeing as things are quiet here, I thought I would do the second version of this meme -

The idea is, comment here and I will give you a colour. Then, in your journal, list ten things you love that are that colour.

Last time lupina78 gave me The Colour Blue and this time rivertempest has given me Daffodil Yellow.  I managed 11 things blue, if you check on the list ... so lets see if I can get the extra one this time, as well -

1)      Daffodils, themselves.  They are such a bright colour - and great to see after the blank dead looking land of winter.
2)     The Bible I read every morning has a yellow and brown pattern on the cover.
3)     One of the few pictures I have with Jaykub, in which it shows how close we were, I am wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt, and a yellow silk on my hat - ideal for being seen.
4)     Every time I rode DJ I wore a yellow flurescent waistcoat ... I also have a picture of the 2 of us, next to my one of Jaykub, wearing the top.
5)     My first ever teddy bear, now much faded, was called Yellow ted, for obvious reasons.
6)     My newest teddy ... that Jiffy thinks belongs to him, is a gift from Toni and is called Layow (my kiddy pronounciation of Yellow)
7)     I have only a few DVDs in their proper boxes, but one is bright yellow - Dragonball ... not my favourite, but just think of who's in it!!!!!
8)     On my coffee table there is a bright yellow tub - where I keep my toffees!
9)     My local supermarket has a range of cheep own-brands ... the tins have a yellow label!
10)   The paint on the walls of my treatment room, kitchen, and hall-staires-landing are all shades of creamy yellow.

Wow, that was hard  ... even to just get 10, no way could I make it up to the 11.

If you had asked me before I did the 2 I would have thought the blue would have been harder, but yellow really got me stumped.

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