March 28th, 2010

Cross - Paid in full

Palm Sunday

Well my first thought is that of wondering why I go to a Church that has an early-ish service, when I have just lost an hours sleep!  British Summer Time - not the best of thoughts today, and especially as the weather has gone from the sun of yesterday to the rain of today!

As it's Palm Sunday we are reminded that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on an un-broken donkey ... and anyone who knows animals will know that in itself is a miracle - but to be facing an adoring crowd, complete with palm ... a true sign of Jesus being the Son of God.

I am now back in my place, and have to face putting all my clocks on ... but at least I can do that while waiting for a "certain programme" to download ... and hopefully will get some pics up, as well.

Off to put the kettle on, first!