March 22nd, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ...

It seems that yet again I have a double birthday post - funny to notice how many of my friends end up sharing their day with others!

Any way, Happy Birthday ... both alphabetically, and geographically ...

edgehead73 - Thank you for you amazing art work ... may the inspiration continue to flow ...

As I hope the literary thoughts continue to flow from winsomeone 

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

May you both have a great day ... and although I don't see either of you often, it is great when I see your names.

May today be the beginning of a brilliant year that sees your dreams coming true.

Happy Birthday Mel & D.


The Ten MEME

Yay - Monday morning again!  And, why am I happy ... I have a meme to start the week that I snagged from my youngest friend, kaczurda 


1. Are you single? - Yes.
2. Are you happy? - I'm pretty OK at present.

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