March 16th, 2010

Adventure before dementia

411mania Interviews: James Marsters

I just saw this quote on kudagirl s latest meme - and just had to copy-and-paste, as I think it is great ... Just so James!


Al Norton: I saw on your calendar that you are doing a few of the conventions this spring and summer.  What's the appeal of that for you, what does that bring to you?

James Marsters: I like to build community. I've been trying to build community all my life through theater;  I used to have a theater in Chicago and another one in Seattle, and we were always talking to each other about how to build community within our town. It always seemed to me like a hallow conversation because the only people coming to see our shows were fellow lefty artists, we were always preaching to the choir.

Now I find just by showing up and waving a pen, I'm getting people in the same room and convincing them to meet each other and become friends with each other, and to this point I feel like I'm a poor man's Grateful Dead of Phish (laughing).

There is a group of people who follow me around although I'm just the dancing monkey who makes it fun to show up together but the real draw for them is everyone showing up together.

It's kind of cool; I've got my own little traveling show, my own little community that is slowly growing.

It's not just every year, some of them come quite often and the beautiful thing is they all know each other.

I'm finally building community.

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