March 9th, 2010

DJ - plaited!

That DJ Pic Scam I Promised!

Makes a change from James or Jiffy ... but here are some of the pics of DJ that both Toni and I took ... some last week, and some yesterday - Enjoy ....

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This picture is just a really nice one of the 2 of us -

DJ - March 2010

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As I said, Kayleigh gave him a bath, so yesterday, he was one shiny boy .... then he had some work to do

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Son of a preacher man.

Some Church Notice Boards.

Over the years I have spotted many notices outside Churches ... and last weekend Mum and Dad's paper had some photographs of some ones that have been seen recently.  A couple I knew, but there are also some new ones:-


As you pass this little Church, be sure to plan a visit,
So when at last you're carried in, God won't ask "Who is it?"

Carpenter of Nazareth seeks Joiners here.

If you want 66 good books - Buy a Bible.

Love is Grand ~ Divorce is 20 Grand.

Fight Trooth Decay.

If your problem is long standing, try kneeling.

Unlike the Post Office, we have two collections every Sunday.

We welcome The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

Christmas Special - Free trip to Heaven. 
Details inside.

Feeling run down - Then why not come in for a service?

We are the SOUL Agents in this area.

Happy Easter to our Christian friends.
Happy Passover to our Jewish friends.
To our athiest friends - Good Luck!
DJ - plaited!

Just To Let You Know -

As I said this morning when I posted the pics, I was glad some of the pictures came out well.

Yoni has just let me know that DJ has gone on a 3 week trial to Berkshire, where he will be living in a posh riding school ... and his teacher will actually be Stacey (Toni's oldest) ... so she will be able to see if he is happy, and if not he is coming back.

The family involved loved him, and seemed keen - so it sounds as if this is the next stage of DJ's life.

Yes, I am sad - but I have had an amazing 10 1/2 years with him - and wherever he ends up, he won't ever escape me - he is my namesake, after all!
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