March 7th, 2010

Adventure before dementia

Getting-To-Know-You MEME

I have just snagged this idea from angearia  :-

I know I am pretty open - but is there something you have forgotten ... or always wanted to know, then-

Comment here with a question, any question. It can be about fandom (tv shows, fanfic, anything) or personal. I'll do my best to answer. It can be silly or serious.

Consider this the opportunity to chat. Even if you don't have an LJ account but want to chat, feel free. I promise not to bite (unless you're into that and really this isn't the time or the place, good sir... or madam).
Jiffy - named

Jiffy Is Feeling The Cold ....

... As was I this weekend!

Mum and dad's boiler has died!  Yes, of all the weekends to die, it was on a cold one.  So it looks as if they need a new one, but until then lots of layers are being worn, and spare heaters are scattered around the place.

As you can see, Jiffy kept his pj's on most of the day!


I'm just glad to be back in my place as I type this!