March 4th, 2010

DJ - plaited!

Cold - But Dry

Yes, our dry spell continues here - but it was one dirty, but fluffy boy I walked in with yesterday morning.  A cold wind was blowing, and I felt cold even wrapped up - so DJ was doing his teddy bear look!

We had a good grooming time - and some cuddle time ... which was quite poinant, as Toni told me there is a probability that he has found new owners.  Although I knew that it was on the books as I made my decision to change my life it is still hard to know my time with him is rapidly running out.

We had a short but fun ride ... Roz still on a bike.

Just round the block, but with a couple of short canters, it was fun.

Then back to his box, a feed ... and off to his field.

We carried out a bale of hay with us, as the grass is still not growing.
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Adventure before dementia


Yay - a meme to fill some time while I am waiting for the Wheelchair Dancing competition to start! 

I can't dance (for lots of reasons ... mostly embarassment, but also lack of partner) ... but enjoy Strictly Come Dancing in the winter.  This has been a series of 6 couples ... one able-bodied and one in a wheelchair.  It has been great to see a couple of the disbaled people really come to understand how much they are now capable of.

So, now I have some time, so here is a smallish meme I have snagged from lupina78  ... we snag from each other, don't we?


Lots of pillows or just one?
One feather pillow. 

What kind of books do you read? 
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DJ - plaited!

And The Sun Continues To Shine

What a gorgeous morning as I walked DJ in - the sun was shining, and it was lovely to keep focussed on the positive reasons for loving DJ ... I took this picture as we got in.


I then took him in and groomed him, and got Toni to take some pics of the 2 of us - I shall post them next week when I can sort them out on my pc.

Toni rode Smudge and we only went round the block - but it was such a lovely day - and we could just chat while we rode.

This is one of the reasons Toni will sell DJ, as she and I will miss each other, and for her to see DJ around will be hard.  We both had a "wobble" today about the coming changes, although both know that thye have to be.  It is my choice, but Toni and DJ are an impossibly hard part of that decision.

Anyway - it was another lovely ride - so that is the main thing.


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