February 28th, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Wow, Happy Birthday wishes go all around the world today ... In alphabetical order!

Thank you for being part of my European family - and especially for all the links that you keep finding us all - Brilliant work.

Thank you to part of my Australian family - a great friend of both myself and DJ, even if I don't see you around as much now, you are missed.

Part of my American family who came to my notice with her epic fic writing - and stayed there as I learnt of her 4 legged family ... more friends for DJ

And, last but not least, to someone who lives in the next town to the one I grew up in ... round the world today, and ended up back in my teenage-land!

There are not enough parcels to send all my love to my special friends - but here is a start -

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Thank You ... James!

Thank You ...

To my unknown benefactor for the lovely balloons - That was really beautiful of someone.

Hugs all my friends, but one gets an extra hug, as you are the only one who knows who that is!

Poetry Meme

Yes, I know, I did a post yesterday ... but couldn't help but post this extra, as it's one of the few I remember, and being a Sunday, talking of brotherly love seemed a good theme :-

Little girls should love their brothers
I so good have grown -
That I love other peoples brothers
Better than my own!

Yes, Sorry Nick & Tim.


Yes, it's St David's Day tomorrow ... yet the road were gritted for more ice as I drove back from Mum and Dad's tonight.

However - the first mini daffs were just about aout this lunchtime -