February 16th, 2010

James - Rock On!

Just Some James!

Let me start by sharing his message from FaceBook :-

"Happy Valentines Day! Thank you to all of you on both sides of the pond who celebrated Valentines Day with me. Ain't love grand! Back in LA for pilot season and the grind of getting my next acting gig. James x"

Even on "paper" James can still seem bouncy, can't he?

I am so, so pleased that he is happy - I guessed as much when I heard a couple of the answers at his Q&A.

His monthly Q&A is up, as well.

Also, if anyone is interested, please do check out strikske 's post, here as she has done a scrapbook of her trip to England for the Saturday night gig. I personally have never seen anything like it ... Great work. She is one of the people I met that weekend, whho had come over just for that concert.

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Handwriting MEME

I said yesterday that I had snagged a couple of memes from lupina78 ... well here is the second one:-

 Handwriting Meme

1. Your username.
2. Right-handed or left-handed.
3. Favorite number to write.
4. Least favorite letter to write
5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. The following words in capitals: CRAB, HUMOUR, KALEIDOSCOPE, PYJAMAS, GAZILLION
7. Favorite lyrics or the last thing someone said to you.
8. The following words with your less dominant hand: Apple, Dictionary, Hamstring, Lampshade
9. Do you mix capital letter and lowercase letters?
10. Do You cross your t's and dot your i's & j's?
11. Name someone with awesome handwriting.
12. In school: could your teachers understand your handwriting? did you use correct pen-grip? did you get your "pen-license"?


Now, I just have to hope that none of you are experts and that I am completly mad!

Thank You ... James!

Huge Thanks ...

... To the unknown darling who has sent me a hug ... Wish I knew who you were so I could thank you personally ..

Thanks thouhg, it truly means a lot.
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