February 3rd, 2010

Adventure before dementia

Vampire Diaries

Yes the first 2 episodes were on TV yesterday ... well, for me, as I don't get satellite ... and, can I just say -

I can see why people get hooked.

I really enjoyed it.

(Even if I am also tired, as I watched it on +1, as i wamted to watch Survivors, as well)

Spuffy - Burning Hands (animated)


Yay - a Meme ....

I have seen this on both kudagirl s and jaded_jamie s ... so have snagged:-

Give me one character and I will tell you:

1.   OTP for them.

2.   Runner-up pairing.

3.   Honourable mention(s).

4.   Crack pairing(s).

5.   Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.

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Yay - Loft Insulation!

Do you remember last year I had my Cavity Wall Insulation done free, as we live in a poor area - They told me then that I didn't qualify for a loft insulation as it was 1/2 boarded ... They have just returned to say that the criteria have changed ... and I can have the loft insulated.

And - I am also being given a new hot water tank jacket .... so all in all ... Great news.
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DJ - plaited!

The Boy Was Better Than The Weather!

However if you saw what weather we had that actually isn't a compliment ... yet it should be!

He was a good boy - pleased to come in out of the damp mist for a short time of cuddle - although it isn't as much fun cuddling him on days like today!

Toni just took Smudge and Roz had Shadow, and we headed up the road and back.  We started off by meeting a huge tractor ... but DJ was great ... in fact the only one of the 3 boys who was (YAY)

Then up the road, past the oily patch and to the hamlet and back.

On the way back, Toni pointed out a Roe dear really near to the road, fortunately the boys din't spot it, so we were able to enjoy the sight without the horses leaping around.

So, back home, and past home (to DJ's shock) to take Shadow home, as Roz is not happy riding him.  DJ was great as he walked straight into their yard, yet Smudge skipped every way he could.

Then back home - and an extra carrot with his feed for one very good boy.
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