January 20th, 2010

DJ - plaited!

At Long Last - Another Wednesday ... And It's Dry

Yes, the rain had stopped by the time I walked out (or more correctly hobbled out ... as my broken toe is still very sore) to get DJ in from his field.

It had been a long few weeks since I had seen him - as he was snowed in for 3 weeks ... and in fact, Toni brought him in for 3 days, as for 10 days they had no water - and she was worn out from taking both feed and water to the field for him, Badger and Conrad.

He was happy to come in - and we strolled back, with plenty of time for some TLC.  Roz had ridden him last week a couple of times - but the groom he had was only quick, as she is not one for fussing with the horses ... so it was nice for us both to have cuddle-time as well.

Toni and her husband arrived back with hay at about 10 and I helped them unload ... big bale takes a lot of moving, and it is part DJs as well!

I then tacked him up, and Toni tacked smudge and led Junior, and with Roz on a bike ... yes, she is selling Shadow, we headed off.

I rode without styrrups to save my foot and we went up the road and back.

It was good to be back in riding mode ... nice weather ... and a chat!

Once back, toni and I got properly caught up, because, as ever, her life continuess to spiral ... so it was cool where we were standing, but it meant she could be open about things.

Then I fed DJ and rode him back to the field (bareback) to save my foot, before hobbling back t the car - and heading home.
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Writer's Block: School Daze

Did you remain at the same school(s) or transfer to a number of different schools growing up? How did your early educational experiences impact your self-esteem and confidence?

Yes - before I was 11 I went to 5 schools!!!

Flintmountain Primary School, Flint, Wales
I went there for a term and a half - it was a bilingual school (although I never learnt much ... and have forgotten it all) and our teacher was in her 80s!!

Branfill Infants School, Upminster, Essex
I went here for the rest of that school year.  However the reading they were doing was in ITA and as they had no maths lessons, I had some during play time so I could maintain what I already knew!  So Mum and Dad sent me to a Private School -

Butts Green Infants School, Hornchurch, Essex
I was only here for 1 year as that is as old I you could be - but I have some good memories of this place - including a brilliant Easter Egg Hunt ... the only one I have ever been on.

Goodrington School, Hornchurch
... and another private school ... and huge happy memories.  I loved being here, but it was too expensive for Mum and dad to afford more than me, so at 9 I left to go to

Upminster Junior Schhol, Upminster
I have great memories of the education here - really good stuff, and 2 great teachers ... but this is where the bullying started ... and followed me to ..

The Cooper's Company and Coborn School, Upminster.
An amazing school with a livery company heritage.  Again, the education was brilliant - very stict uniform and attendance rules until I left at 18 ... but a brilliant place.   Just afetr we had all left, Tim and I went to St Paul's cathedral to attend the 450th anniversary celebrations.