January 12th, 2010

Adventure before dementia

More Proof ... If I Needed It!

As you know I am pulling out of the profession, for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons is that I am not impressed with how the profession is going ... within our own ranks!

When I was at college (1979-1983) I actually failed 2 exams the first time I took them.  Most of you will guess the reason - bad English grammer ... it is something I have always struggled with, and for those who have seen my fics (especially my Beta), you will know it's a problem.  And, those who read my general LJ scribbles will know I fight a losing battle most of the time.

However I am aware of it, and while at college, it was picked up on, pulled apart and I was pushed to concentrate and improve.

Now we come to the reason for the Grrrrrr ... As part of the course, now, the 4th years have to do a survey of some sort, and write a report on the answers.  To do that they contact a random selection of the profession and we have about 20 questions to answer on a variety of subjects.  So far, OK.

However yesterday I received a surveya sking about my thought on business building (which made me smile, seeing as I am at the other end of the scale!0 ... but my moan ...

I couldn't actually understand what 2 of the questions were asking.

Yes, I read your journals, I have friends round the world, of all ages and backgrounds, but a final year degree student and I can't understand what she is asking me.

I'm sorry, but it's "another nail in the coffin" ... I may not be good at language skills, but at least I know it, and was checked at college.

Where are the tutors?