January 7th, 2010

Spike - Dru's cut on face and "sex"

Who Needs Fiction, When You Have Real News?

Seen on petzipellepingo LJ

From HuffPost:

The residents of Lawndale, California are causing a stink over the town's plants. Apparently, the roads are lined with garlic--which either smells like skunk or marijuana depending on who you talk to. KTLA did a report on the dispute and spoke with Councilman Jim Ramsey who argued against the removal of the plants:

"The only reason we had garlic put in was so we could keep the vampires out of town. And since we have had garlic I haven't seen one single solitary vampire in town."

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Family Video ... Look Out For Jiffy!

Every Sunday Mum and I take Jiffy on his second walk of the day - it's about 1 1/2 miles long, and includes an area where Jiffy can "explore" even though he is not allowed off his lead ... otherwise goodness knows where he would end up.  We call the walk "The Wall"

When Nick and family were down on New Year that's where we all went in the afternoon ... so you can see most of the family (including me pulling a weird face) and Jiffy (including him "labelling" some grass)

James - buzz cut & name.

30 Day MEME - Day 25 - Your Day, In Great Detail

At long last I get back to the 30day MEME ... Have you missed it?  We are up to day 25 ... so now it is a case of focussing and finishing off the rest of the set of day.

My Day

I wonder if they mean today, which I can't tell you as it hasn't happened, or yesterday, or just a day in general.  I decided to opt for a day in general!  Most of my life runs through a similar pattern -

My alarm is set for 7am (8 at weekends), and I either listen to the radio, or read a bit of Spuffy before getting up about 20 mins later ... at the weekend, Dad lets Jiffy in my room, and at this time of year he steals the blankets, so I have to get up!

I have a few pills I have to take, one of which has to be with a pint of water ... so that's the next bit, pills taken, water drunk ... while reading my Bible.  In Torquay, I steal some blankets back and read in bed, in Bude I sit with my back against the radiator!

Then breakfast - cereal and 2 mugs of tea ... then my day starts!

Monday - Thursday is either riding or patients.
Friday - I'm in Plymouth
Saturday - gardening or housework (with Jiffy to organise me)
Sunday - 2 Church services.

Then lunch - which is my cooked meal.

The afternoon varies dependant on what work there is - but it is mostly a case of cleaning/tidying/sorting ... whatever needs to be done.  Except on Fridays where I am still at Plymton, Saturdays where Mum and I go into Torquay on the bus and Sundays where she & I take Jiffy on his walk to "The Wall"

Then tea - I love cheese sandwiches! ... Witha  couple of mugs of tea, of course.

In the evenings its TV - DVD or LJ catch-up ... except-
Mondays - Orchestra
Wednesday - often round to friends for a video eve
Saturdays is always just a family video - usually an old film/musical
Sunday - drive from Torquay to Bude

So, does that answer the question?  Add to all these things as many extra mugs of tea as I can manage, and you have a typical day in Deborah-land!

For those who aren't keeping up with this meme. the full list is -

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