December 21st, 2009

Tempt me!

30 Day MEME - Day 21 - A Recipe

Lemon Pudding

2oz butter
5oz sugar
Juice & rind of 1 lemon
2 eggs (separated)
Cup of milk
2oz flour

350'F / 170'C - 50 mins

1 - Cream butter and sugar, beat in a little water.
2 - Add flour and lemon juice.
3 - Add beaten egg yolk & milk.  Beat well.
4 - Fold in beaten egg whites.
5 - Cook in a dish standing in a pan of water.


James singing - music notes

30 Day MEME - Day 22 - A Website

I tend to rely on the rest of you to give me these links!!!

I suppose you will all know the LiveJournal address, and each have your own home page !!

Well, seeing as its Christmas, I will just link this one that I do use, from time to time -

Cyber-Hymnal -

It is handy (for me) for looking for the words of all verses on hymns, as well as their popular tunes.  There are also links to some of the composers pages etc.

Jiffy - named

Guess Who Had A Bath This Weekend?

Yes - "Sir" had a bath - the first picture was taken the day before, as he was showing off his new set of PJs that Mum had made him!

The last photo was taken after the end of a busy day - a couple of walks, a bath, and then everyone invading the house - and he wasn't allowed to help - so he had to rest and recover!

4 large pics under the cut -
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Adventure before dementia

2 Carol Services

Our Chapel had a Carol Service in the morning at the hall - the one I posted the picture of last week. 

At that we had 5 carols, a talk, a quiz, the kids sang a couple of songs - and there was a weird musical solo -

Yes, somehow I got asked (and Dad agreed) that I would play a solo!

Then in the evening we had 20 people to the house (from the cahpel + Tim & Claire) ... and each person chose a carol (3 verses only) ... we also had a quiz, and for some even weirder reason another solo!

After the service we had tea/supper - and here you can see some of the people relaxing ... and eating!

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