December 14th, 2009

Spuffy - "love"

30 Day MEME - Day 15 - A Fanfic

Suprise, suprise - you get a few of my favourite Spuffy fics listed - if I listed them all, I would still be typing at Christmas. There are so many - where do I start? Anyway - here are 4 of my favourite ones ... then a couple of my favourite Christmas ones ... seeing as it is a good excuse to get festive!

Actions Past by Dutchbuffy2305
Season 2 & 7 Buffy's keep swapping places.

Masks and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Season 5 - Dawn's resurrection spell works .... but it is Spike's mum who returns.

Dreams & Desotas by Bloodshedbaby
End of Season 2 - Spike stakes dru and Buffy and Spike leave Sunnydal together.

Lost in Time by seductivembrace
The ultimate Time travel fic - Buffy and Spike and sent back, during the season 2 episode, Hallowean, into the past ... 200 years into the past.

Christmas Fics
Who Needs 5 Gold Rings by slaymesoftly
At the end of the series, Dawn starts looking on E-bay ... and spots a perfect pressie for Buffy - "his" ring

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by hollydb
Re-write of A Christmas Carol
DJ - plaited!

Mucky Monday!

As you could see in the picture I posted earlier, DJ was one filthy boy this morning. Apparantly Toni had been putting in some fences yesterday and all 5 horses had spent their day playing - chasing each other, and the path of the tractor - so were all tired by last night .... looks as he DJ still had the energy to roll lots and lots though!

So he had a good groom, and Toni tacked Junior and led Smudge, and we just went up the road and back - on our way out, we met Ros and Shadow returning from their outing!

It was a lovely morning - cold, but bright.

When back, Toni asked me for money - as DJ was due to be wormed before all the field placing were moved around again! So, an early Christmas pressie for him!!!

He was happier with his feed, before heading back to his field - no doubt to roll again!
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Just Catching You Up - If You Want To Know ...

At long last I am getting round to updating about me! I keep saying I am going to, but haven't got around to sitting down in front of the pc, and focussing on typing.


I am, at long last, feeling a lot better - I finished a week of cough suppressant treatment today, and hadn't realised how tiring coughing was! I have had assorted coughs for years, but this last month was horrendous.

Now I have to wait to see if the week will have broken the pattern and allowed the lungs to heal enough.

The final diagnosis I had, btw, was that of flu - and the problem was that, having had the flu jab, the symptoms were not all present. so, I suppose, the good news is that if I hadn't had the jab, I would have been really ill! The penicillin kicked in though, and I am feeling vaguely human again.


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So - as you see, still lots of non answers - but still wanted to update you all. Thanks for those who have commeneted in the past - your support and friendship means a lot.