December 13th, 2009


366 MEME - Day 303 - My Church

... and as you can see, it's not quite St Paul's Cathedral!

As I am a member of the Brethren, we don't have crosses, icons, candles, etc - so can use any building at all. Since this chapel formed they have been meeting at this community centre. I took this picture as we arrived - as you can see not much parking available, which is why I park where I do (where I took the photo from)

Anyway - Bradley Evangelical Church, Newton Abbot, Devon -


30 Day MEME - Day 14 - A Non-Fictional Book

Well, I have already rec'd my favourite non-fiction book ... The Bible. A book of poems, stories, winners & losers, love & hate ... a book read every day.

When I was a child my parents gave me The Oldhams Encyclopaedia for Children (1970) ... and I almost wore it out. I still have the book - and still adore reading it. Great basic facts on all sorts of things - but for some things, it is now a great book full of memories.

I have numerous anatomy books, of course - and loads of books on TV programmes, films etc .... but ultimately my non fiction book I am going to mention is - Before Endevours Fade. As I have mentioned in the past, I enjoy visiting War Cemetaries - and this is the definative guide for Northern France and Belgium, from the First World War. A brilliant guide, whether you are planning a trip, or not.
Jiffy - head tilt!

A Dog's Rules For Christmas

I have just been searching for some things for our carol service next Sunday - and came across this which I am gong to read to Jiffy when I see him next weekend - but thought I would share with all my doggy-lover friends :-


A Dog's Rules For Christmas

1. Be especially patient with your humans during this time. They may appear to be more stressed-out than usual and they will appreciate long comforting dog leans.

2. They may come home with large bags of things they call gifts. Do not assume that all the gifts are yours.

3. Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you. They seem to get some special kind of pleasure out of seeing how you look with fake antlers.

4. They may bring a large tree into the house and set it up in a prominent place and cover it with lights and decorations. Bizarre as this may seem to you, it is an important ritual for your humans, so there are some things you need to know: - Don't pee on the tree - Don't drink water in the container that holds the tree - Mind your tail when you are near the tree - If there are packages under the tree, even ones that smell interesting or that have your name on them, don't rip them open - Don't chew on the cord that runs from the funny-looking hole in the wall to the tree

5. Your humans may occasionally invite lots of strangers to come visit during this season. These parties can be lots of fun, but they also call for some discretion on your part: - Not all strangers appreciate kisses and leans - Don't eat off the buffet table - Beg for goodies subtly - Be pleasant, even if unknowing strangers sit on your sofa - Don't drink out of glasses that are left within your reach

6. Likewise, your humans may take you visiting. Here your manners will also be important: - Observe all the rules in #4 for trees that may be in other people's houses. (4a is particularly important) - Respect the territory of other animals that may live in the house - Tolerate children - Turn on your charm big time

7. A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. DON'T BITE HIM!!