December 12th, 2009


30 Day MEME - Day 13 - A Fictional Book

Its hard, again, to know what to scribble about today, seeing as I have already rec'd a couple of books. However I thought I would mention the book I am re-reading at present.

It is one of 2 written by Herman Wouk, and is based on a family before, and during The Second World War. So, although a work of fiction, it is based around real events. I like books like this, as it is easy for me to start reading - and to want to continue.

This story was one I saw on TV, first, as it was made into a mini-series, and Tim bought me the 2 books for Christmas. They are well written, and I'm enjoying the read.

The name - The Winds of War

For those who aren't keeping up with this meme. the full list is -

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