December 10th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

366 MEME - Day 300 - Poor Father Christmas - And Still Days To Go!

Yes Poor Santa - here he is in the garden opposite where I live! He did look better last night - all surrounded by Christmas lights as well. He just looked like I felt this morning, as my kettle decided not to work, and I was late having my cup of tea!


Please note - Day 300!!! Won't be long now till I stop this regular SPAM!
DJ - plaited!

Oh No - Not Again!

I'm sure that's what DJ said when he saw me - What with me being unwell, and the rain, he has had a lazy few weeks, so going out yesterday ... then I turn up again tiday!!! As I did tell him, it means extra carrots, so he must think of the positive!

Hehad rolled overnight, but as it had stayed dry, he wasn't too wet - so we had a good time of grooming, and enough time over for some cuddle time - he was so sweet, and actuall relaxed onto me and fell asleep ... my muscles will complain about that later, I've no doubt

Toni arrived as I was plaiting, and she tacked up Junior, and led Smudge and we went out to the village, round the Church, and back.

Poor DJ had to trot all the way, as Junior has a fast walk!

However it was dry, the sun was out (so DJ got hot), and very little traffic - so Toni and I could chat and relax ... it was a really lovely hour.

Once back, I went and chatted to Toni's grand-daughter for a time, as DJ had to relax and cool for a few minutes, before he could have his eed and head back to his field .... with an extra carrot as a final treat!
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