November 25th, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ...

Happy Birthday jaded_jamie

Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your life, and for your faith and support.

I hope that you do have a special day-of-win ... and that it is the start of a truly special year. One where you see your dreams coming true.

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

I am more than glad we are friends - Thank you for being you!

BTW - We never have lightening ... let the skies are flashing as I write this - even God is lighting up your day!
James - eyes

Exeter Pic Scam

I have already posted a picture of the west Front of Exeter Cathedral here which was completed in 1400. It has the longest un-interupted nave in the country, but I didn't have time for a visit!

However I did take a few pictures as I walked around - and below the cut are some vies of a city that was started before The Norman Conquest of 1066, and some of the properties that survived the Blitz. there is still some Roman wall, but sadly I didn't go to that part of the town!

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If you want to read a bit more about Exeter then start here