November 13th, 2009

James - buzz cut & name.

Another MEME

I actually did this earlier .... but LJ swallowed it ... but having seen it on many of my f-list ... I'm going to have another go!


#1. Your Fave Perfume:
I do like Coco by Chanel ... but the one I use whenever I remember it is Timeless by Avon

#2. Your Fave Colour:
I love all bright colours. I think my favourite is still green, but as someone who is colourblind and sees a lot of non-green things as green, maybe that's a good thing!

#3. Your Fave thing you love to buy:
I'm not a great one for shopping - but there is one thing I adore buying - Chips (fries) .... Chip-shop chips are, without doubt, the best.

#4. Your Fave male actor:
Come on, do I have to type James Marsters! I do also like Cary Grant.

#5. Your Fave female singer:
There are many - but Karen Carpenter had a beautiful quality to her voice.

#6. Your Fave Food:
Sausage and Chips.
Or - do you mean - Chinese, Greek

#7. Your Fave place to visit:
I love London - and the last few times I have been is to see James ... even better.
I loved Venice, Washington DC, Bryce Canyon, Rhodes, etc

#8. Your Fave flower:
Honeysuckle, or roses.

#9. Your Fave TV show:
At present I am enjoying Moonlight for the first time.
But I adore BtVS, and love - Blakes 7, M*A*S*H, Star Trek Voyager, etc

#10. A Fave Movie, one you've watched more than 10 times:
Old musicals such as Top Hat, Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls, etc
Old war films such as Dambusters, The Longest Day, etc
Cary Grant films such as Arsenic and Old Lace, Operation Peticoat, etc