October 27th, 2009


366 MEME - Day 256 - Grrrrrrrrrrr

I went out just now to put washer fluid in my car - and am pleased, as I also spotted this -


I have now pumped it up, and am going to leave it 1/2 hour to see whether it will hold, or if I will have to change it before driving the mile up the road to the shop.

Luckily (although I didn't think so at the time), Dad made me change a couple of punctures even before I passed my test. The last time I had to do one was at midnight in the pouring rain - so al least I won't have that if I have to do it today.

Jiffy - named

Well I Have Just Realised Something Depressing ....

Jiffy has more of a social calender than I have.

Dad takes him out every day - and today he met the lady who always gives him a biscuit.

Tomorrow he is off to see lady-love # 1 AKA Marni AKA his vet - for a check up.

Thursday he is off to see lady-love # 2 AKA Jackie AKA his hairdressor.

How come I have no plans??
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Adventure before dementia

Good News

Just seen the news that James is recovered, and already in England .... so he is well enough to be at Hallowedon.

Great to hear he is OK now .... Hope that those who go to the convention this weekend have a great time - can't wait to read reports, and see pictures.
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