October 14th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Corfu Pic Scam 3 - Corfu Town

Yes, todays 2 sets of photographs are all from Corfu Town - the capital of the island. It also has the name Kerkyra, bus is always called by the Corfu Town name for the English!! Makes life easy to remember these cities - Kos and Rhodes did the same!

We went to Corfu Town for an afternoon, using the local bus - my 366 MEME showed Mum and Dad waiting at the bus stop opposite the complex. It cost us 1.60 Euros there and 1.30 Euros back!!! But a lot cheeper than it costs me to go into town with Mum on a Saturday afternoon!

So - here are some general shots around the city, with a few notes, as well.


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