October 12th, 2009

Jiffy - head tilt!

366 MEME - Day 240 - Jiffy

Well - Had to start getting back on track with a picture (yesterday's one, actually) of Jiffy - getting settled back in after his holiday! He spent the weekend either sleeping or running around - when he wasn't barking at the neighbours! More details will follow - but till then, here he is, waiting for me to change my shoes and take him for his normal Sunady walk.

Day 240

Adventure before dementia

Just To Say - I Am Back Now ....

... So, prepare to be bored by my tales of Corfu ... and Albania!

It was a great trip, and even though I have come home with a cold, I am also determined to put into practice the positive attitude that returned while I was away.

I had been wallowing again, hadn't I? Life wasn't happening - so I sulked.

Now I am back with a positive push - life is out there, I shall go and find it - look for work (in a positive manner) ... and accept that I am probably meant to be single - seeing how much I was able to help Mum and Dad while we were away brought home to me how much help I can be - but can't be if I were to disappear off into a relationship. Oh well - that's my personal battle to fight.

So - I am starting as I mean to go on - no slobby dress - I'm wearing high heals, btw! No sulking - just me getting on with my life... and seeing what the future holds.

Today I have orchestra accounts to do before tonight - I should have done them earlier, but Barbara didn't get the details to me!!

As I said - pics and scribble will be up, as and when I can get to it, although I will leave you here with this pic. As you know I hate having my photo taken (unless it's with James, for obvious reasons!!), but I had this done on the last day of the hols, and it shows that I am aiming for a bright future ... I hope!!

James - Rock On!

366 MEME - Days 231 - 238 - Playing The Game While On Holiday!

Yes, I kept pics by for the 366 MEME - am I good ... or just mad??

Day 231 - Friday
Day 231 
Walking out to the plane at Exeter Airport - If you have only travelled from JFK or Heathrow, this is a slightly smaller scale!

Day 232 - Saturday
Day 232
Our dorr number.

Day 233 - Sunday
Day 233
Mum and Dad waiting for a bus to take us to Corfu Town.

Day 234 - Monday
Day 234
A local leather working shop.

Day 235 - Tuesday
Day 235

Day 236 - Wednesday
Day 236 
Corfu island coach trip

Day 237 - Thursday
Day 237
Outside a local shop

Day 238 - Friday
Day 238