September 24th, 2009

DJ - plaited!

366 MEME - Day 223 - DJ

Just a picture of DJ taken this morning - so he can show you his indoor home. This is his box - and where he spends an hour in the mornings being groomed etc. It would also be the place where he would live if he was ill, or the weather turned horrific. The material nearer camera are Junior's spare rugs - but on the wall of his stable, behind him, is his rug ... if he needs it.


DJ - plaited!

My Mum Threatened It A Few Times ...

... But I never expected it to happen!

Today was lovely - and DJ was really happy to see me (and carrot) and strolled over towards me, and then in.

While I was grooming we actually bashed heads twice - Its weird to a non-rider, but it is something tht we all do from time to time.  The mad thing is I don't actually remember banging into DJ in such a way - so to do it twice ...!!!   Well, as I said, Mum always threated me and tim (and occasionally Nick) that she would bang our heads together - wondered if it helped DJ and me today!

He was good, and we walked up to meet Ros and Shadow and then went down to the Church and round the village - all in all he was great with all the traffic - just decided that a couple of puddles were in the wrong place on the side of the road!  Whether that was for artistic or scientific reasons DJ refused to say!

A great day weather-wise - and a lovely ride.
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Adventure before dementia

Do I Need To Worry ... Hope Not!!

It was great to see the message on JMLive from James -

Thank you to all my good friends who came to Atlanta. I had a wonderful time at Dragon Con - especially loved the storm trooper outfit, which many people came together to give me. Next time you see a storm trooper it might be me! I look forward to seeing you all in London [the next event] and other future events.

I had read a few of the reports - both while you were there, and since friends got back - so good to see James saying he had a good time.

Then my slight worry - Event in London - is that the February one ... or are we to gain one ... Whatever, my main panic is that the details will be released while I'm on holiday, and won't have a chance at getting a ticket.

My thing about James fandom is to worry about not getting the next tickets - silly of me, I know.  But I know there are others who feel the same.

Oh well - I must keep telling myself, if I'm in Corfu and can't get a ticket - then that's what will have to happen.

Glad he's planning something, anyway!

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James - Rock On!

Just Playing!

You Are Soft Rock
You're a sensitive soul, and a true romantic. You are emotionally moved by music.
You like a deep, expressive singer who sings right from the heart.

You are a caring and empathetic person. Your friends can always cry on your shoulder.
You love songs about love, life, and loss. You don't care if other people think they're cheesy.
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