September 11th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

11th September

As I have been thinking of todays date it has brought back memories of that day in 2001.  A day when my final piece of innocence was removed.

I was working, and a patient arrived late and looking shell-shocked.  At the time we were in the end of a foot & mouth outbreak, and he was a farmer - I thought things had gone wrong again.  He just said - Turn on your TV.

The shock and horror - this only happens on films.  I have seen the disaster films and suddenly there was the real thing happening.

I had Toni's youngest staying with me - and at 15 the girl suddenly realised how small the world was.  She felt completely lost, and staggered to realie that I had been to New York - For her the USA seemed neighbours for the first time.

There is no way that I can begin to understand why those men did this act ... and in the name of their faith.  As you know, I have a strong faith, and yes, I would defend myself, my friends, my country (I am not a pacifist) - but to attack a large group of people going about their everyday lives.  People of all ages and faiths - to me I can't see any logic.

I do pray that those who still suffer and mourn will receive peace; and that man in general will learn that war in all it's forms is futile - so much sadness is all we are left with.

Pause and remember.
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