August 25th, 2009

James with Halo!

366 MEME - Day 193 - Bude.

Just couldn't resist - the sun is shining, so I went for a walk. It's something I used to tell myself to do, when you live ina beautiful area, you don't appreciate it - but don't want to get told off by my f-list if I miss a day!

So, he is the River Neet, and the canal overflow running into The Atlantic - I am standing on the wall, by the outer lock gates.




Random Thought While watching Moonlight

I haven't watched Moonlight until these last couple of weeks - and even though the vampire isn't Spike I'm still enjoying it!

Episode 3 today ... and all I can say is, Mick St John has aged slightly better than my Dad.  We find out that his age is "85, next November" ... so is Dad ... but I will admit, my Dad does look slightly older!