August 20th, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday James

Happy Birthday, James.


I hope that you are able to spend a really great day with Sullivan and your niece, before heading off for your W/E con.

Thanks for giving us so much of your time - both as fans in general, and for that personal focus you give us, as individuals. It really means a lot. You have given me so much - friends, hobbies, and the courage to actually go to a concert, and to meet you.

Thank you, James.

I'm pleased that you have had lots of good news this week about forth-coming work - what a great time of celebration you must be having.

Have a lovely day today, whatever you do, and I pray that it will be the beginning of a truly wonderful year ahead.

Take care, God Bless.
Love Deborah

Happy Birthday

366 MEME - Day 188 - St James


I know that today is James Birthday - so this morning I went to St James Church, Kilkhampton, on the way back from DJ - they are having a flower festival, on the theme of song (which to me just made the whole thing even more ironical!)

This picture was taken in the main doorway, and later I will be posting other pictures that I took there.


PS - Happy Birthday, James ... from your namesake Church!!!!


DJ - plaited!

What A Lovely Morning.

The sun came out just as I walked down the fields to meet up with DJ, so although he was wet, at least it meant the rest of the day would be good!

We strolled in together and after his carrot-reward, he snoozed while I groomed.  The disadvantage of keeping his tail and mane long and tidy, is that they soon tangle, and it is then very noticable ... still, it gives good "us" time.  Just as we were finishing he heard Shadow walk up the road, so stood looking over his door waiting for him to emerge ... Ros didn't go far, so within a few minutes we heard them walk back ... and DJ settled again!

Toni brought in Junior, and the 4 of us just went round the block.  It was lovely to be out in the sun ... even though it was amazingly breezy for an August day.

Then back, and a feed ... and the extra luck of Toni's daughter and grand-daughter arriving just at the right time ... in the DJ had an extra carrot before that long and arduous walk back to his field!

Now he has the rest of the weeke and weekend off to recover!
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St. James, Kilkhampton, Flower Festival.

Today has been a lovely day - James birthday, a nice ride with DJ, and a trip to the local flower festival.  I don't normally go, but couldn't resist when I realised that the Church is actually dedicated to St James the Great .... what better way to celebrate James Marsters Birthday?  Especially as it turned out that the theme is "Sing it with colour"

As I said when I posted my 366 MEME photograph of Kilkhampton Church doorway (which was actually built in 1130), there would be more photographs to follow ... Well, below the cut are 16 images of the flower arrangements ... so you have been warned if you are on dial-up!

If you want to see any more about the actual history of the Church, then follow the link here and read about some of my local heritage.


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