August 18th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

366 MEME - Day 186 - Bude.

As Bude is a smallish town, it easily gets snarled up with traffic during "silly season", so came in the other way, dropped over to the other main beach - just to take a picture across the beaches - The point of rock with the barrel ornament on, is where I normally walk to take the pictures you see.




DJ - plaited!

Not Long Today - Honest!

Oh no - I remembered to turn up ... or something along those lines was what DJ seemed to be looking like this morning - what with my health appointments, the weekend and the house yesterday he has had 6 days off, so can't complain ... But, he's a pony - and eating is both an occupation and a hobby to their way of thinking ... So, I had come to take him away from both!

We walked in, and he all but slept while I was grooming him - I think it must have felt good as he is having a small molt ... so it was great that I did the scratching, while he snoozed!

As he had a loose shoe, and Ros wasn't joining us, we just went "up the road and back" - with both he and Smudge taking it in turns to lead when we were in single file ... although for a lot of the time, we rode and chatted!

Oh, kalinda001  - they are hoping to resurface part of that road, so there is actually a square around his oily patch, which Toni had seen last week - and laughed to Ros about.  So, to prove a point, I asked him to stand in his square - which he did.  Whether, with new tarmac on, he will do it again is always debatable!!

And so home, and a feed for him, and coffee for Toni and myself!!

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