August 13th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Mini Update

As mountainheather  has just asked thought i would do a mini update!

I went to the hospital today for Lung Function tests and an Echo-Cardiogram.

All I can say is after the breathing to order and the contortionist position for the scan I came out less healthy than I went in!!!

This is to finally see what caused me to stop breathing back in January - they obviously didn't agree with the rest of you that said it was getting ready to see James that caused an early attack of JamesFog!!!  Anyway, the chest guy siad things seemed OK, and the heart guy said that the was nothing exciting to talk about - Although both said they couldn't actually tell me!!  I see the specialist in 2 weeks - so will have to see, and hopefully will be the all-clear and it will have turned out to be a mystery virus.

Then iit was off to the dentist - although I had been about 8 months ago, I ended up needing 4 fillings today - fortunately they were in 3 teeth and all on the one side - so could be done with one injection (yes, I'm a coward!)

Then to top off my day - the osteopath.  I try to go every 6 months, and although there about 6 weeks ago, it had been a long gap before that, so got the 2nd appointment to make sure everything was settling.

Right - I'm off now for a soak in a hot bath ... and an early night!

Hope you all behave yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!

btw - I left my new default icon up - Hope you like it.