August 10th, 2009

Umm ...

Top 5 MEME

I have snagged this MEME from erykah101 :

Ask me my (fannish-or-non-fannish) Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post. Possibly with pictures.

Go on - Challenge me ... I dare you!!!

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DJ - plaited!

Miserable Monday

... And DJ was upset about something!!

When I got him in this morning he didn't want to leave his field ... then as we walked along he pressed closely to me, which was cute, but meant I got as muddy as he was!  Yes, he had been rolling at some recent point, and with the overnight rain he was filthy!!!

Once in, he found it very hard to settle, which is unusual, and while I was talking to Toni about Tim he was trying to look up the yard all the time, even by pushing me along to get a better view.

I tacked him up, plaited him and headed off to meet Ros ... once out and about he seemed more settled.  However something had obviously spooked him either over night, or that morning.

We headed off to the Church and round the block, and overall DJ was a good boy.  Which is more than I can say about the weather!  It was damp and foggy - and by the time we were on our way back it was steady rain.  Fortuneaty there wasn't too much traffic, but some kids had been busy decoarting a tree with streamers in all colours, which took Ros and I by suprise - and stunned the 2 boys!  Still, we got past it and on our way OK.

Once I had dropped Ros and Shadow off DJ and I had to pass a huge tractor, and I'm glad to say he was impeccably behaved.

Then back home, it was time to feed and take him back to his field - which he seemed happy to do.
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