August 8th, 2009

James - silhouette

366 MEME - Day 175 - Torquay

What a weird day yesterday was - I spent the morning at Mum and Dad's as I had no work ... well, I took Jiffy faor a walk - and took this picture form just at the back of where we live - A typical old lane, fields ... and a new housing developement going up!

Day 175 

Then I cam home gave Jiffy a bath, had lunch and wemt to Plymouth to see a couple of patients.

I also spent time off and on trying to get this posted, but LJ wouldn't "play" ... Was it just me?



Swine Flu

I have just heard from my sister-in-law that my brother Tim has been diagnosed with Swine Flu.

He was taken ill on ednesday - and tried paracetamol and hot drinks, then spoke to someone this morning.  So, he is now on Tami-Flu ... And we will hate to wait and see how quicly that starts to kick in.
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Spike - crying at the end of The Gift

The Gift

While I was gardening this morning I had my MP3 on shuffle - and one of the pieces I heard was the theme from The Gift, where Buffy dies - it remeinded me how much I love that music and how well it fits in with that final scene.

I love how some music really enhances a scene, and this one in particular is well written, so that only hearing the music brings back the devastation of the Scoobies ... and Spike's tears.

There are some films where the music is really beautiful, poignant ... whatever is needed, and so often, if it is well written, we fail to appreciate it.

Adventure before dementia

366 MEME - Day 176 - Torquay

As is normal on a Saturday afternoon mum and I went down on the bus to the shopping centre - a lot of the shops are closed at the other end of the street, but I love this end of the town - with all the hanging baskets, as well, it looks like a place worth visitting!!