July 26th, 2009



Well, I have said I am weird ... but ... !!!

You know I have said I don't usually remember my dreams - Well, last night I did!

I was with Jiffy and a guy in a very small neat park, and we were sitting on a bench chatting.  It was obvious that we knew each other - and that we were just killing time for some reason.

Then a phone rang, and behind me was this very tall tower.  He stood up and answered the phone - and then came back for me.

We walked into a lift in the tower and were on our way to the top - which was one room ... and it turned out his sister had just had a baby ...

Then I woke up!!
James - buzz cut & name.

The "Last" MEME

Just getting caught up with my f-list after my weekend at Mum and Dad's - and before finishing that I am just doing (another) MEME ... this time snagged from dragonfly77  (again)

1. last movie you watched:  Moonshot (Yay!)
2. last book you read: The Bible!  But as I read that every day, I also have not long finished#10 of the Harry Dresdon series.
3. last vacation/trip you took:  London - in May ... to see James!
4. last restaurant you went to:  So long ago, I honestly can't even remember when, let alone where.
5. last sporting event you went to: I don't think I have been to any since my Fencing Club folded a couple of years ago.
6. last time you were sick:  On the way back from the hospital 18months ago, when I damaged my hand.
7. last pet you acquired:  Does Jiffy count - as he's Mum and Dad's (I have never had my own pet)
8. last present you received: Mum bought my bus ticket on Saturday.
9. last present you gave:  Gift to Kayleigh to congratulate her on her exams (last week)
10. last meme (besides this one) you filled out: The 10 photo meme, on Thursday.

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Moonshot - Just A Few Thoughts

This is just a short post with a few thoughts about Moonshot.  I saw the film twice last week - the second time was to watch it with Mum and Dad ... so a double reason to squeeee ... I could share James with them!!

My overall thought is that the film was too short - I needed more, not just more James, but the whole film was great.

There were some truly memorable scenes IMHO ... and I have listed those in no particular order behind the cut, in case any of you haven't seen it.

Collapse )

So, 40 years ago, I watched the actual event with Mum and Dad ... and now the film ... An amazing story, and just bautiful to watch James given such a role.