July 24th, 2009

James - buzz cut & name.

There's Good News About The Bad News!

Well, the bad news is that I have had a couple of really low days again ...


... the good news is that I am aware of it!

Sounds silly - but having had the year I had last year, where I drifted more than anything, I am pleased to notice that I am unhappy.  Well, I have often commented how weird I am.

I have also gone back to the head-banging (good thing at this rate I am single!!!!), which is the way I used to deal with stress, but was absent last year.

So I am positive about the negative!!
James - eyes

366 MEME - Day 161 - South Devon

I was early leaving Plymouth today and the sun was shining as I drove to Torquay ... in other words, for the non Brits ... South Devon! Not far from Mum and Dad's there is a small and expensive garden centre - but the view from the car park makes going there worthwhile - as I'm sure you will agree.


This is looking inland towards the edge of Dartmoor.