July 16th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Just Wondering ...

How at age 48 I can feel I am missing something, that I have never had in the first place???

I can focus on the good things - How wonderful my life is, yet my missing piece of that puzzle is always very prominant!!

Life is weird!!!!!
DJ - plaited!

366 MEME - Day 153 - DJ.

As I am about to write up his adventures, I am posting this picture first.

I was given some money for my birthday, and while deciding what DVDs to buy ... I thought I would also treat DJ to a new head collar and rope. He lives in a head collar while in his field, so nice to replace it to keep him comfy.


And, today he truly deserved his treat!!

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How Good Are Your Memories??

Any of you remember that I couldn't breathe back in Jan/Feb - saw Doctors, hospitals etc ... and was told I would be seeing a specialist.

Since then, I got better, and haven't thought any more about it - Until 2 minutes ago.

Just had a phone call for an appointment for a heart scan - Mid August!!

Great to have it - but good to know that I wasn't seriously ill, otherwise I never would have been here for this appointment!!!!!
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DJ - plaited!

101% Perfection - 101% Brave

This morning as I went out to collect DJ it was a bit grey and murky, but not too bad ... even though DJ couldn't decide if he really wanted to come in.  Once he had his carrot, he was happy to come with me ... In his box, and tacked, and plaited.  As you can see by the picture he had a nice neat plait today - I was really pleased with how it had gone.


We then left and walked up the road to meet Ros and Shadow.  It was tough to even leave Toni's as she had visitors (which is why she didn't ride) and there were parked cars and trailers everywhere.  Then onto the road and past 2 large lorries before getting as far as Ros' house ... I think by that time he was ready to turn around and go home!

However we kept on and went up to the Church and round the village - taking (mostly) the lead, and being a good, brave boy. 

It started raining, so we trotted quite a bit, and DJ did a good job of pacing Shadow, as well as speeding up to go in front as needed for traffic.

We were almost back when we came across the big lorries again - they were replacing telegraph poles - so it was chaos!  Ros decided to get off and lead Shadow, then we had to wait for them to remove a pole and place it in the lorry, so we stood with some cars ... Then it was clear enough to allow us to go past, I just said to DJ "Walk on" and he did.  He was brilliant - even including the fact that there wasa man in mid air attaching new cable, which was spread over the road, so therefore was also moving a bit!

So, what a big, brave boy ... then back to Ros' and on home ... to find Toni and family power-washing some kids toys ... so even home, life was hard.  But his bravery continued.

So, yes, he did get an extra carrot, as well as his meal, and his new head collar, before going back out to his field ...

The hero of the hour !!

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