July 6th, 2009

Hardest thing - live in the world


I have just been re-watching Buffy Season 3, as I want to get back to my 3 W.I.P.s .... and on that note, I think I need to watch the series again. 

As someone who loves the character of Spike, it is a long series, with one dramatic episode in the middle.

However I do like Oz, and loved watching Wes (seeing as I still haven't watched Angel, this is I know not the Wes many of you love!) ... and really enjoy watching Buffy, herself, in this series.

Over the last few days there has meen a discussion on CDS about Joss and metaphores that were or were not used in the BtVS writings.  For me, series 3 is Buffy tryingto come to terms with her first relationship, that hadn't worked out as she had expected.  Because I had never been in that situation, I had never thought I could relate ... Then as I saw Angel break up with her, I realised that I did relate to that.

Angel's excuse was that he wanted Buffy to have a "normal" life.

But, she isn't normal - she is "one girl born to save the world" ... now, I'm not that special ... but there again, I'm not like any one else.  No, I'm not special, now weird .... I'm normal.

No one is like anyone else.

We are all special, we are all unique.

So, when I mumble about "why me?" ... it's because I am "me" .... My life is different from yours, not just in the obvious facts, but because we are all different.

Angel, himself, was not normal, he knew that, but forgot that Buffy was also a unique person.  He missed out, and so I hope that I learn that lesson, and don't miss out on things, because I feel I am not doing something that my friends are doing.

I am special - I am unique ... So are you.

We are all NORMAL.