July 1st, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Squeeeing With Finger's Crossed!

Just got this e-mail announcement :-


Make a date in your diary to see James Marsters in the UK at a series of unmissable events early next year.

He will be making a guest appearance at the SFX Weekender on Friday, February 5, 2010, in Camber Sands. Go to http://www.sfxweekender.com for further details.

Following his Friday appearance on the coast James is planning to head to London for a concert and an intimate limited-ticket event later that weekend. Further details of these events will be announced on the website and mailing list as they are finalised.

Cupid could be coming early...

Just hope that it is on the Saturday, and not the Sunday.

James - buzz cut & name.


Just found out that Moonshot premiere in UK is on Monday 20th July 2009 on ITV1

Great - it's on the actual anniversary.

For me, this is a film I really want to say - and yes, I can all hear you groaning as you know I happen to "like" one of the actors!!!  However, it is also because, 40 years ago, I remember standing in my back garden with Dad and looking up at the moon - trying to see the module.

I didn't know it then, but it was obviously James I was trying to spot!!!!!

No, in reality, it is one of those early memories that have stuck with me, and given me a love of Space travel.

DJ - plaited!

One Hot Boy!

By the time we had walked in from his field, we were both hot.  I suppose the advantage of that is he stood and snoozed while I groomed - so he rested, and I got hotter.

I got my fly spray, btw, only to find the nozzel was blocked - so he ended up getting it dabbed over him!!

We met up with Ros and Shadow, as Toni wasn't riding this morning - Junior doesn't have shoes, and Smudge was having a day off - he competed last week ... and is due to compete in a couple of weekends time.

We got as far as the round the block turn off ... and turned back ... it was hot!

Once home, I gave DJ a bath, which I think he really enjoyed - then back to his field ... so he could roll, of course!!
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