June 26th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Just Playing Catch-Up!

I am going to be posting in a random order today - so thought I had better start wioth that warning.

Yes, I know I was MIA yesterday - not even a photo, and in fact the one I took won't be up till later as I am typing this in Plympton.

Wednesday was great - more about that in a separate post!

Yesterday was manic  ......

I started the day by going to see my osteopath - something I had been needing to do for months - the stress of last year, the chest infection of this year (and last year), my occupation, my hobbies ... and my general thoughts of the future, are not good for general problems, let alone the multiples of old injuries I deal with - LOL

So, I came home and went back to bed - with Jiffy as a teddy bear ... so not 100% bad news!!!

Then just before lunch, I had a dental check-up ... No problems, well, that was until she examined me - 4 fillings!!!!!  2 in one front  tooth, and my remaining baby tooth needs looking at, as well!!!

So, back home for lunch - cheesed off!

After lunch, Mum had a lie down, which is unusual, and then admitted, she couldn't see out of her eye ... so eventually I managed to persuade her to go to Casualty.  To cut a long story short - she has damaged her cornea, nothing serious, but because she refused to admit when the pain started, she got into a worse state.

She is the most impatient person I know.  She got to see a consultant under 4 hours after addiving, but stll complained how slow things were - and threatened on many occasions to go home.  So, partly sitting on her, I kept her there - she now has cream and drops, and a check-up booked for a week.

Needless to say, by the time I got home again, I was well and truly frazzled - no time for LJ - just time have tea and to play with Jiffy and have an early night!

So - I will slowly catch up as the day progresses - Very little work to do - great to catch up - bad for the bank balance, though!
Spike - crying at the end of The Gift


This week has been, as ever, a time to say Goodbye to people.

In England it was the funeral service of Danny La Rue - who had a unique personality and performance.

Farrah Fawsett died this week, after a battle with cancer - a star of the 80's, that maybe the guys will remember more than the girls!

And, yeaterday, Michael Jackson died - he first became famous with his family, then had a solo career, with a brilliant talent of song writing and performance.

I hope that whatever you feel of anyone, star or otherwise, it is the joy that they brought to others that you remember when the time comes to say Goodbye.

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Thank You ... James!

Birthday Update

I must start this by saying that I have been so overwhelmed by the love and friendship that you have all shown me.

I knew that over the last year or so, some of you have become really great and real friends - and that friendship has amazed me more than you can know.   However, the last couple of days have truly left me speachless, and normally only meeting James can do that!

Thank you seems so small a thing to say, but I truly mean it.

The day started with a text message from aa_eve_aa  ... and then during the day, I had greeting from so many, which I am going to list in alphabetical order, as you all made my day so special, made me feel important, I never want to forget that ... so, THANK YOU

auntiero   camkin   colored_leaves   cordykitten   cryssiemarsters   curiouswombat   deborahw37   deird1   downunderdeb   elisi   empresspatti   girlmacbeth   jaded_jamie   jamalov29   kalinda001   kazzy_cee   kudagirl   larabeckinsale   lilachigh   louise39   lupina78   mabel_marsters   missus_grace   mountainheather   oldgreymare   petzipellepingo   pfeifferpack   red_sunflower   rivertempest   sarian71   seductivembrace   shatteredfuture   slaymesoftly   spikereader   telynisblessed   ukchrisp   winsomeone   winterwater   xheartrockx 

The wishes, and thoughts were beautiful.  And the cards that some of you made me, noteably Kuda, Mabel, Kalinda made me, are beautiful ... as are the e-cards that I had.

And, last but not least, my cake that red_sunflower  gave me ... no calories, and only 1 candle ... so no dig about the other 47!!!

You have all given me more than you can ever realise - Thank you, one and all.

Adventure before dementia

Birthday Trip To Painton

For my birthday, as well as my friends spoiling me, Mum and dad gave me a lovely day.  It seems weird that even though it was my 48th Birthday, I still went home to mummy and daddy, who proceeded to give me a lovely meal, a day out ... and some beautiful pressies.


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It may have been my 48th birthday, but I was still able to enjoy a childhood memory ... My first love flew Thunderbird 1 ... now, it seem's to be Jiffy's turn ... or is it that I can't wait to see james in Moonshot??


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A really great day - finished off with watching a Cary Grant film on the DVD!