June 22nd, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Another Q&A MEME

What a hectic weekend, so hope I haven't missed any vital news - if so, please let me know.

Now it's Monday, and so far has been quite hectic, and only jus getting caught up with you all. Before I get the camera plugged in and carry on with the 366 MEME, I can start the day with a Q&A MEME, that I snagged from kudagirl  ...

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BTW - Is anyone else finding LJ-cuts a pain today?

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Torquay Flowers

Just a couple of flowers today from Mum and Dads garden :-

A Sweet William ... My Mum always thought here father liked these because his name was William!


A Rose that Mum and Dad had for their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2002 -




Jiffy - named

Oh No - It's Jiffy Time Again!

Sorry - but you all have to suffer!!!


Although not as bad as poor Jiffy. Yesterday, as I said, Tim and I went to see Mum and Dad and were really late leaving - I ended up getting told off, as it was well past his bedtime! Apparantly he has spent most of this morning fast asleep, recovering!


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And to show how hard we make him work over a weekend -

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